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בית אריאל, מפעלי תורה, יהדות וחברה בישראל

Ariel – United Israel Institutes, founded by the Harry Fischel Institute, is a Torah complex that encompasses a host of Torah, research and training institutions, and provides a place for the best yeshiva students from Israel and abroad to be trained as rabbinical judges and spiritual leaders.

Harav Shear Yashuv Cohen is President of the Institute.

The goal is to build generations of Torah scholars who will engage in research into applying Jewish law in our society, and to produce religious leaders with imagination and vision, to meet the challenges and needs of the generation.

Ariel Alumni serve as rabbis around the world and have left their mark everywhere.

Almost eighty-five years of activity in the Torah world show that the institute has become part of the soul of the nation, and guarantee continued success, having proved the ability to cope with the constantly changing times, and with the needs of the community and the nation.

New Leadership for Ariel Institutions

הרב קראוס2

At the general meeting of Ariel institutions in Jerusalem under the chairmanship of Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen in Marcheshvan 5774, a renewed leadership was chosen to manage the institutions.

At the general meeting, the CEO Rabbi David Tabachnik delivered a comprehensive review of the extensive activities of the Ariel institutions: Kollels that train rabbis and rabbinical judges, courses in Jewish Studies for people who want to integrate into the labor market, expanding Torah research and publishing of basic books in Halacha and philosophy, seminars for Israeli Rabbis, and other activites.

Mr. Eliezer Sheffer praised the proposed appointment of Rabbi Jonathan Kraus as Vice Chairman and Deputy. This establishes the continuation of the many years of Ariel's activities and its important


Below is a list of the board members for 5774-5775

Rabbi Shear  Yashuv Cohen – President & Chairman
Rabbi Jonathan Kraus – Vice Chairman
Rabbi Baruch Packter – Deputy Chairman
Rabbi Benjamin A. Pearl – Deputy Chairman
Rabbi Joseph Toledano – Treasurer
Mr. Yitzhak Ben-Ari – Member
Rabbi Avraham Ben Nun – Member
Rabbi Yosef Harel – Member
Rabbi Benjamin Wallfish – Member
Rabbi Yair Lerner – Member
Mr. Henry Klausner – Member
Attorney Avishai Kraus – Member
Rabbi Moshe Rauchberger – Member
Rabbi Hillel Reichel – Member
Mr. Eran Stauber – Member

Rabbi David Tabachnik – CEO of Institutions
achievements in establishing generations of rabbis and rabbinical judges in Israel and the diaspora.

לרשימת כל חברי ההנהלה לחץ כאן

ז' אדר תשע"ו

ביום חמישי ז' לחודש אדר שני { 17 במרץ 2016 }התקיים בבית המדרש המרכזי של אריאל, בשיתוף איחוד בתי הכנסת בישראל והענף לאיתור נעדרים בצה"ל, כנס המיזם העולמי לאיתור ולאיסוף מידע אודות חללי צה"ל שמקום קבורתם לא נודע, במעמד סגן שר הביטחון ח"כ הרב אלי בן דהן.


Pictures of the general meeting of Ariel institutions



תמונות מחג הסמיכה האחרון (תשע"ג) – 41 מוסמכים לרבנות ולדיינות

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